Task Management

Timetrack has a task management module that can be linked to the trackers and therefore to the timesheet. Basically, this module will serve as a classic todo list. But some features will make this module a particularly useful tool. 

When you create a task, it is possible to assign a tracker. Thus, you can perform on the task as you would with a classic tracker.

When the task is assigned to another user than the one who creates it, that user receives an e-mail informing him that a task has been assigned to him.

Note that it is possible to assign a task to several users.

Convert an e-mail into a task

Timetrack has a feature that allows you to pick up mail from an e-mail inbox and turn each mail you read into a task. To do this, you will need to configure Timetrack and allow it to pick up the mail from a dedicated mailbox. For example: Protect this address well enough to keep it away from potential spam. The configuration is done via the IMAP tab of the configuration parameters.

Once set, each e-mail sent to this address will be turned into a task. In addition, if the e-mail sender matches the e-mail of an existing user, the task will automatically be assigned to him.