Synchronize your timesheet with other applications

The timesheet module allows you to synchronize your timesheet with your favorites calendar applications. Here's how to proceed and a summary of supported applications. 

The concept

It is possible to enable the sharing of its timesheet either read-only via a URL pointing to an iCalendar (.ics) file, or read / write via the CalDAV protocol. Enabling sharing is done through your user profile

Il est possible d'activer le partage de sa timesheet soit en lecture seule via une URL pointant vers un fichier iCalendar (.ics), soit en lecture/écriture via le protocole CalDAV. L'activation du partage se fait via votre profil utilisateur

Once you allowed private read-write access, you just have to configure your calendar software.



Your timesheet can be synchronized with iCal. Whether you're using an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can use the Apple calendar application to view and edit your Timesheet.

When you create or edit events in iCal (or any other software), the summary you specify will be used to identify the tracker. T:metrack will try to determine the tracker that best matches the word(s) you typed.

For example, if you are willing to create an iCal event on the "Art Vandelay> Meetings" tracker, you can type "vandelay meetings"; even something like "delay meet" may be enough. If you are working on a specific project for a client, such as "Art Vandelay> Web sites> Guggenheim web site", just type a few distinctive letters of the project name, such as "gugg".

Once the tracker has been identified, the summary you entered will automatically change and become the full-tracker path. If no tracker has been found, the summary will change to "No matching tracker found!". In this case, or if the identified tracker is not what you expected, just try again by entering another summary.

Moreover, the description of the event entered in iCal will become the note associated with the block in T:metrack.


Google Agenda

The timesheet can be viewed from Google Calendar in read-only mode. To do this, simply create a calendar and enter the URL to the file iCalendar (read-only).




Thunderbird has a plugin to manage agendas. It is called Lightning. This tool supports CalDAv calendars and allows you to add your timesheet as a calendar. The configuration is quite simple: Like iCal, changes made in the calendar will be saved in your timesheet.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook and allow you to import an iCalendar calendar. Here are two links that will explain to you how to proceed: