Automatic reminder

Timetrack has a scheduler to program some automatic tasks. The main utility of this is to send automatic reminders to your customers when the  of an invoice is exceeded.

To add a rule, you will need to define three things:


Recurrence defines when the planner should execute the rule


The conditions determine whether the rule should be executed on the tested object or not. The following is an example of the conditions used to send automatic reminders. If the due date of the invoice has been exceeded for 5 days and the invoice is still in the "Sent" status then the action will be executed.


The action determines what the planner has to do. In the example below, the planner will send a reminder email.

Other ways to use the planner

Sending reminders is not the only application of the planner. Indeed, you will be able to configure rules to send emails to the administrator when a timesheet is not correctly folded. Or automatically send an email to the project manager when the fees or time defined in the schedule is almost reached.