Multi-user access and access management

Timetrack is a multi-user application. Every user can connect to the platform from anywhere using Timetrack Application with his login and password, or in a recent internet browser.

Each user can configure his profile by choosing the interface's language, the minimum unit of time blocks and define certain integration. Concerning the interface, some parameters are maintained and saved by users, including research and how columns are displayed in tables.

You can create as many users as you want. The price of your membership will be calculated based on the number of users. The first user costs 9 € per month and additional users will only cost 3 € per month.

Note that the subscription only considers active users. If any of your employees leaves the company, you do not have to delete it. You can disable his account and keep all the services the employee encoded. Deleting a user will also delete all the services he has encoded.

Role Management

The administrator can define roles and manage access for these roles. Each user will be assigned at least one role. A role defines the access to a module or a module's action. For example, the role "Employee" may have access to the client module without being able to export the listing.

You can create as many roles as you want. Also note that a role can inherit permission from another role. Access management in Timetrack is completely pyramidal.

Management of rates and costs 

You can set the price and the hourly or daily cost of each user. Moreover, these amounts can be defined by periods to fully correspond to reality and manage the fact that a "junior" will become a "senior" day and that his price will evolve as his cost.