Quickest way to create bills

All worked hours are billable with Timetrack. To create an invoice, you just have to select clients or trackers you are willing to charge and then click on the "Create invoice(s)" button.

Every invoice you created is saved and stay available. Whenever you want you can check which one needs to be sent, is waiting for payment or even if the deadline is outreached.

Edit and send your invoice

You can adapt all the bills you made before sending it. Even if every entry is linked to the timesheet, it's possible to modify and add some of them as you want. The whole history of this bill stay saved and will be used for the reports. All the status modifications can also be seen whether you marked it as a draft or considered it as paid. 

Every hour you spend for any project & client can be added to the bill in those formats : PDF, HTML, XLS. 


Create your personal invoices

With Timetrack, two invoice models are available. In the case you already created your own template, you have the possibility to use it too by importing it as a PDF and Timetrack will write on the uploaded model. As our developers are constantly challenging their creativity, we may offer our skills to create a tailor-made invoice template for your company. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your idea and get an estimate. 

Important note

Be aware that Timetrack does not allow down payment invoices, lump sum or provisionning. To get those features, Hiflow is the tool you need.